What is Summer R.I.S.E. ?

July 9 – 27, 2018

Summer R.I.S.E. (Real Interesting Summer Experience) is a unique opportunity for Montgomery County youth to explore potential careers and for our local businesses to participate in developing a talent pipeline. The initiative is led by WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. (WSM), Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and supported by county and state government partners, local businesses and non-profit organizations. Local businesses and governmental organizations volunteer to bring rising high school juniors and seniors into their workplaces to provide hands‐on, real world career experiences.

WorkSource Montgomery prepares students for their work at host organizations through a mandatory financial literacy workshop and a primer on expectations for workplace behavior, attitudes, communication, and customer/colleague interaction. We pay student participants a $300 stipend after they complete the 60‐hour/three‐week Summer R.I.S.E. experience. Our affiliated partner organizations help prospective participants overcome obstacles by providing bus passes, free checking accounts, and appropriate workplace attire, as needed.

Host Organizations

WSM fully supports host organizations by providing a 2‐hour workshop on engaging youth in your workplace, a framework that each host can adapt to create its own unique three‐week career shadowing experience, and support during the RISE experience itself. All hosts will be informed on how to emphasize transferable skills and universal expectations such as:

Typical business models and workplace environments.
Expectations for employee attitudes, reliability, punctuality, collaboration skills, communication, and behavior in a professional environment.
Appropriate customer service in the context of the workplace.
Common technology found in today’s workplaces.
Potential career pathways and growth opportunities within your professional sector
WSM pays a $300 stipend to participating students.

Info For Students

Summer R.I.S.E. experiences show students what they need to do to be “career-ready.” Constructive feedback from supportive host supervisors bolsters their self confidence and empowers them to take initiative. Summer R.I.S.E. provides invaluable insights about work and related post secondary educational options near their Montgomery County homes and schools.

Participants’ Summer R.I.S.E. experiences become an on ramp to career preparation that is critical if students have yet to establish career goals or identify appealing options. An experience like Summer R.I.S.E. motivates them while highlighting skills they need to develop. Host organizations benefit by seeing what local talent can offer and experiencing fresh new perspectives these students bring to their offices and job sites.