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Summer R.I.S.E. 2018

July 9‐27

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Summer R.I.S.E. is committed to providing real life educational and professional experiences to the ambitious and talented youth of Montgomery County. We invite you to become a Summer R.I.S.E. career experience host.

As a host, you adapt the WSM designed framework to devise a unique three-week summer experience that lets students learn about work in your organization and practice relevant transferable skills used in your particular sector and workplace, including:
Typical business models and workplace environments.
Appropriate customer service in the context of the workplace.
Common technology found in today’s workplaces.
Expectations for employee attitudes, reliability, punctuality, collaboration skills, communication, and behavior in a professional environment.
Potential career pathways and growth opportunities within your professional sector

The intent is that, as a host organization, you show students matched with your organization what they need to do to become “career-ready.” It’s best if you are able to assign a supervisor to mentor the students, guide their work, and offer constructive feedback that empowers them to take initiative to solve problems that arise in the course of typical workplace interactions.

The Summer R.I.S.E. can help students develop career goals, identify fields of interest or motivate them to explore previously unknown skills/interests. It also offers host teams opportunities to learn about local youth perspectives and a way to cultivate Montgomery County’s best resource—future talent.

Summer R.I.S.E. 2018
Career Experience Hosts:

Provide a 3‐week career experience for at least two Montgomery County students during the summer, July 9 – July 27, 2018. We encourage each organization to host a minimum of two students to increase partcipant's comfort level in a new environment.
Send a company or organization representative who will work with Summer R.I.S.E. students to a Career Experience Host orientation that provides the program framework as guidance for designing your unique student experience . This 2‐hour orientation will take place in June. *
Interact with high school students and benefit by exposure to their energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and fresh ideas.
Support our Montgomery County youth by influencing the trajectory of their career pathways .

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